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Products That Work…Name Included

Sometimes the name of a product just speaks to me.  This happened when I got this spray for Maggie’s skin.   When I saw the words “I love my dog“, I was sold.

Fortunately, the product is great too.  It smells fresh and the ingredients list is obsolete of chemicals.  I am happy to spray it on her liberally and see if it will help the skin allergy she develops in the spring every year.

The last thing that had me hooked was that Maggie didn’t mind it either.  Although many dogs like to swim and play in water, Maggie hates the stuff and every time we need to get her wet, she walks in the other direction.  Despite even having a strong lemon scent, Maggie doesn’t seem to mind the wellness product.

I’m now looking forward to finding products that are called “I practice yoga eagerly” or “I visit my family with glee”.

I got this product just for the name….#corgi #dogslife #ilovemydog #lovelyfresh

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