Ingrid S. Greene
Communications Professional for the Wellness Industry

Rockin’ and Rollin’ in the Car

Often, when we start preparing to go out and our little dog, Maggie, notices that we’re leaving, she plants herself at the door of our car.  Especially if we are going out together and we’re taking my husband’s car, she’s sure to sit exactly where we can’t miss her.  She never likes to be left at home when we are going out.

Last week, we noticed her hair was getting stuck in-between the seats of his recent December 2013 purchase.  He loves his car and I hate to see him lose value when it could be avoided.  He also uses the rest of his backseat for papers and files that he needs when he visits clients during the week. This too is creating some wear and tear.

Thus, I got him a car seat cover designed to protect the upholstery.  I think it’s a great idea since it’ll keep the car looking new and still allow Maggie to come with us on rides.  She’s not the only one who likes it when she comes along.  I too love rockin’ and rollin’ with her in the car.

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