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My mother-in-law doesn’t do Facebook or have a computer. She sends us hard copy 4×6″ photos every few months to update us on what is going on in her life. She lives 3000 miles away so keeping her up to date on our end has created a new process for me. I now also print photos, write on the back, and put them in the U.S. mailbox. I haven’t done this since college.

Below is the one of the latest that we’re sending to her…a photo of our dog, her new friend, and these awesome new travel dog bowls that we got for them. The nice part is that she can put the photos up around her apartment and see them when she accomplishes tasks around the house. We are hoping Maggie, Millie, and their travel bowls bring a smile to her face in Boston, as they do our ours!

Magpie made a new friend today, Millie. Thank goodness we have enough bowls for them! #focusedonfood #dogslife

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