Ingrid S. Greene
Communications Professional for the Wellness Industry

Short on D – The Latest Epidemic

Over the last year or two, it has become very common for people to be short on vitamin D.  They say we are wearing lots of sunscreen these days, which is great to stop skin cancer, but it’s stopping us also from getting all the vitamins that we need.  If sunscreen is to blame, I am guilty.  I put it on everyday.

Last week, my doctor took a blood test and told me that I needed to come up 25% on my Vitamin D intake.  At first I didn’t believe it because I walk my little dog in the sun everyday.  But, I do wear sunscreen so it could be possible.  Thank goodness that 25% didn’t sound so bad.  She said to take a supplement of 1000 UI each day and I’d be fine. I was fortunate to find some in my vitamin drawer.

As I was looking to refresh that bottle since it would only last me a few more weeks, I found that a cream is now available on the market that allows the skin to absorb the vitamins for you.  I liked this.  It means one less supplement to take and to think about.  When I moisturize, I heal.

I got a pump asap and really like it.  It has a light odor and doesn’t feel heavy at all on the skin.  I’m going to reach that 25% in no time.

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