Ingrid S. Greene
Communications Professional for the Wellness Industry

A friend of mine wore a t-shirt today that said “New York Los Angeles”. It made me smile since these are two of my homes. I grew up in New York and now I live in LA. It made me think of NYC and the experiences I had there. There were so many great ones…friends, career, and family.

One of the bad experiences I had was one with bed bugs. Ever since I lived in NYC and got an infestation of these ugly creatures, I have been overly protective of my sleeping quarters. I use not only a mattress “sack” that zippers up to ensure no critters touch my body during the night, but I also just got a waterproof mattress protector to double-up on my protection.

Although I haven’t had an infestation in LA, I am still scared by the event and take any precautions to ensure we are protected. The hard part about bed bugs is that they can enter the home via a variety of routes and we really can’t do much to prevent them. Even nice hotel rooms have them so I am always nervous about bringing them home without knowing.

I even made a video about how secure my new mattress cover is. Fortunately, this was the worst of my experience in NYC. I loved my time there and am happy to return for visits from LA…bed bug free.

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