Ingrid S. Greene
Communications Professional for the Wellness Industry

When I was in business school, I became very stressed and my hairline started to recede on the top right portion of my scalp. There was a quarter-sized piece of hair that no longer existed. It was strange and scary.  After seeing a dermatologist, he quickly resolved that the hair would grow back after the semester was over and using shampoo to promote hair growth. He was right, it did.

That next semester, I took one less class on my load, traveled less, and broke up with the boyfriend who was perhaps stressing me out the most. It made me realize that stress effects our body in so many strange ways. When my husband asked me this week if the new shampoo ( we got will help his receding hairline, I told him that products like this helped me a lot when I was in school with this condition…along with the decrease in stress.

As some of you know, I’ve been trying to get pregnant for about five months and it hasn’t yet clicked.  When I visit the acupuncturist, they continue to say they see signs of stress in my body.  My hairline isn’t receding, but my tongue seems to have some Chinese traits that show stress.

This time around, I’m not in school, I’m not traveling, and I’m very happy in my relationship.  At the same time, I probably do still have stress in my life.  I just finished managing a large wedding, I am in a new marriage, and I’m putting pressure on myself to get pregnant asap.

I’m hoping to also resolve this issue with time.  There’s no shampoo to help, but I’m going to go to yoga classes more often, spend time walking with my dog, and doing things that I purely enjoy.  Hopefully, by the end of next semester, we’ll have better news.


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