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Summer Is Here and The Weather Is Hot

Over the past few weeks, the weather in LA has gotten quite warm.  I know because my husband works in the air-conditioning business and he’s been much busier.  The time has also slipped away from me because my dad was visiting from the east coast and he was taking my dog on walks in the evening while I taught yoga.  When he’s not in town, I take her during the day.  Now, it’s gotten quite warm to take her during our normally scheduled times.

For this reason, I got a new waistband that allows me to carry her water easily on my hips.  I realize it may be made for runners, but I think it will be very useful for the long stretches we often go and there is no place to stop for water.

I’m disappointed that my dad has left and no longer joins me to my yoga classes. Fortunately, he’s planning on coming back soon for another visit.  Both Maggie and I are looking forward to it!

My summer plans…#dogslife #ocean #beachlife #goforitwaistbag #hotsun

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