Ingrid S. Greene
Communications Professional for the Wellness Industry

This week we received two kitchen scales by mistake.  Instead of gifting one or giving it away, my husband has decided to take it to work and use it to weigh parts and equipment before installing them.  Before I had these scales, I didn’t realize how valuable it is to know the weight of something before you shipped it, installed it, or carried it. It’s been fantastic to now have this info at our fingertips.

I love when I can make his life easier via my work and tasks.  I often blog and evaluate products and in exchange for free products.  I don’t receive any fee for this so I don’t contribute in this way to our monthly expenses, but often I get things that make his life easier.  He has now extra charging cables, a phone holder for his car, and a dozen other things that help him during his workday.  We also get things for Maggie which help reduce our monthly expenses such as dog treats and food.

Initially, I was hesitant to take on responsibilities that wouldn’t directly financially contribute to our monthly expenses. With an MBA and an engineering degree, there is great potential for my income and which I have greatly used in previous stages of my life.

After some months now of being married and functioning in this way, I realize that I these gadgets do help him and more than that, it’s great to have me around.  I also am home every evening to spend time with him and not traveling like I often used to do.

I am also so grateful that we have this time together.  It may not always be this way where we can support ourselves financially with just one income, but for the time being, we are enjoying it.  We love being newlyweds and we also love our new gadgets.

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