Ingrid S. Greene
Communications Professional for the Wellness Industry

The Strength Of The Sun

This morning I felt that I wasn’t going to be in the sun a lot today so I put on minimal sunscreen (SPF 4) as I headed out the door. Living in Southern California, I should know better. I ended up going for a last-minute walk around the block with my dog, then got stuck in traffic where the sun was shooting through the window, and then I was organizing things in my yard for longer than expected.

In the end, I realized that never should I leave the house without at least 15 SPF on my face. I came back into the house at 4pm and felt how tender my skin was immediately. I put on some coconut oil to relieve it, but it’s only a remedy. The damage was already done.

As I was opening up my packages from the mail, I was happy to find some all-natural sunscreen with SPF 35 that had been sent to me. I put it directly into my medicine cabinet where I can find it easily each morning. Today was the last day that I would be heading out without protection. The strength of the sun is so strong these days and I don’t want to have tender skin again.

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