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The Sunscreen Plant

As you may know, I am very much into finding natural solutions to life’s everyday issues.  One of my biggest remedies is creating my own sunscreen to get away from the chemicals that pharmaceutical companies put into them to maintain consistency, fragrance, or a variety of other nice things to have.  Since I don’t care about many of these items and care more about what is going into my body, I prefer to make a basic version that only contains natural ingredients.

This week I learned of a new product that is created from a plant native to Latin America and can be ingested in the form of a tablet.  Polypodium Leucotomos is a type of fern that helps protect the skin from UV rays.  They say that if you expect to be out in the sun for prolonged periods of time, this supplement can be useful to help protect against sunburn.  The most useful case is one in where you don’t have time to reapply sunscreen consistently and/or are sweating a lot which wipes the sunscreen away.

When I googled this plant and solution, I found that it is still to be determined if the supplement truly helps protect against the sun, but since it’s a natural product, I figure it can’t hurt.  There are very limited side effects such as an upset stomach and which can happen with any supplement.  The benefits also go beyond skin protection to areas such as helping to prevent dementia and eczema.

Here’s a link to the Wikipedia article if you would like to find out more:

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