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The Intuition of Dogs

Sometimes I dread taking the dog out for a walk.  Sometimes I can’t wait to do it. On good days, we walk for over two hours.  Maggie could go for much more if I let her and very often I do.

I posted recently a video to Instagram on my excitement. I got a great new belt to hold my keys, cell phone, and whatever else we need on our adventure.  I’m realizing that her plan to get me outside for some fresh air is working.  When we come back from our walks, I always feel refreshed, happier, and more optimistic. I always knew that dogs were smarter than humans and have greater intuition. Before I had her, I never went for walks.

Maggie also knows that petting her is good for the soul and nervous system. We’ll be posting videos of those times too since they too are numerous.

Getting just a little excited for my new running/dog-walking belt #lifeatthebeach #respirobelt #dogslife

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