Ingrid S. Greene
Communications Professional for the Wellness Industry

With summer approaching, my husband’s schedule gets busy and we have less time to go camping on the weekends. At the same time, I love getting outdoors and really miss our times in nature when we can’t get there. I’ve been thinking very often of our recent trips to Catalina lsland, Palm Springs/Joshua Tree National Park, and Malibu.

Even though we’re not sure when we’ll be going next, I’m still continuing to live like we may go again next weekend. I am looking for good camping products and searching for items that may be on sale.

For example, I got this cool new lantern, below, and we found the perfect sized soap yesterday to fit our camping soap dish. The cashier giggled at us when we so joyfully paid for a $2.00 item. To us, it promises more good times ahead and more than it’s weight in gold!

Here’s hoping some more #camping is in our future! #alylantern #getoutdoors #coupletime #dogslife

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