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Yoga for Kids: Three Exercises To Try!

As posted in Juicing Healthy Magazine:

For most people under twelve, it’s not easy to sit quietly for more than a few minutes.  It’s for this reason “Yoga for Kids” has been translated into a time for games, music, and stories that incorporate traditional poses.  If the kids are quieter and more relaxed after a session, then why not!  Here is a taste of what it looks like:

  1. Balloon Breath

I love this one and practice it at home, in the car, or anywhere in between.  It calms the mind, creates energy, and makes us smile all in one!

First, you take your arms up over your head, and lower them a little into the shape of a big balloon, exhaling.  Then, you do it again, but this time we come down very quietly, practicing “Quiet Balloon Breath.”  With this, we also learn to appreciate silence.  For the last one, we bring our hands up and come down quickly for “Silly Balloon Breath.”  Repeat this last one as many times as requested!

YouTube Video:

  1. Animal Sounds

One of the best ways to get kids to incorporate yoga into their daily lives is to get music with animal noises and imitate the animal with the associated pose.  Here is an excerpt from the ‘Yoga for Families’ DVD to see how it’s done

  1. Guided Meditation

“Image going into a closet that is filled with presents.  Each box is beautifully gift wrapped with bows and string.  There is paper with stripes, polka dots, and many different colors of wrapping paper.

Imagine that you can take one box out of the closet and in this box is your favorite toy that you like to play with.  You take this toy to a favorite place of yours – maybe your room, or the playground, or a secret hiding place.  You can also decide if you’d like to bring a friend with you.

After being able to play with this toy for as long as you would possibly like, you put the toy back in its box, and bring it back into the closet. You know that anytime you get stressed or anxious you can close your eyes, imagine this closet, and be able to access your toy again.

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